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Emigrating Gifts - If your office, team or department work colleague is emigrating and off to start a new life in another country, wish them well with a gift that will ensure they will always remember you. There’s free delivery on all orders in the UK too!


It takes a lot of courage to give up your job and home, not to mention the family and friends they are leaving behind, so if your office, team or department work colleague is about to emigrate to another country, send them off with a great gift which will always give them happy memories of you.

How about a map themed gift, such as a heart shaped map in a frame based on a location that is important to them such as their soon-to-be old home or workplace? Or maybe a hamper of tea, perfect if they are going somewhere that it will be difficult to find a good cuppa.

A personalised bottle of champagne or whisky will allow them to toast their new life at the beginning of their new, exciting adventure!


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