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There are some things that you just have to have at work, whether on a practical level or just to make work a little bit more fun. Here you will find a great selection that are just the thing and also make a fantastic gift for a work colleague too.

A personalised mug means yours will stand out from the rest and everyone will know who it belongs to, so no more trying to find a half clean one in the sink, which is invariably full of chips and cracks. Whether it’s a fun one, cute one or sporty one, you are sure to find just the right…one.

There are also personalised notebooks, in a wide variety of styles, sure to brighten up a dull desk. By adding a name and message, not only do you make it unique to you, you can also create a wonderful gift for a work colleague or student that they will really appreciate.

We all have stuff we need to take to work, whether it’s our lunch, paperwork or files. So do it in style with a personalised shopper or tote bag. In a choice of great designs, add a name to turn something practical into something unique.