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Gifts by Recipient


Beyond ‘gifts for him’ or ‘gifts for her’, you also find great gifts relating to things your work colleagues love - maybe they are a massive sports fan, love their pets or love to cook or garden. If so, find them a fabulous present here that will be really thoughtful.

Give them a personalised mug featuring their name on the football shirt of their favourite team, a personalised golf ball to celebrate their birthday or a start-any-month calendar showing a variety of different sports.

If they are always talking about their dog or cat, how about a personalised wooden plaque featuring their pets name - it’s a really thoughtful gift they will really appreciate, especially if they are retiring and planning on spending time with their pooch or moggy.

For those who love to cook, how about a fantastic personalised chopping board or an apron featuring their name? If they love a hot drink, give them a hamper full of coffee and chocolate.

If they are a student and have been on placement with you, how about their own personalised notebook or pen to brighten up the long days of studying ahead of them?

Or if they have become the proud parent of the new baby, give them a cute gift to celebrate the new arrival, such as our fabulous 'A Star is Born' framed award. Whether it’s a gift from you or the entire department, they will be thrilled!

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