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If you’ve been put in charge of finding a great gift for your work colleague you can find something for every occasion here at Proud To Be A…

During the course of the year, there are many events that happen in the lives of your co-workers, some more significant than others and it’s the done thing to get them a nice gift to celebrate the occasion or wish them well. You may be buying something that’s just from you personally or you may all have had a whip-round and be looking to buy something really special. Either way, have a browse to find the perfect present.

You’ll find thoughtful gifts to say goodbye to a much cherished work colleague if they are leaving or retiring, or a practical but cute gift for your female work colleague’s new baby if she is about to start maternity leave. Celebrate their birthday with a great personalised present or find them a Secret Santa gift they will love this Christmas.

If they are taking the big step of moving abroad, give them a great gift to wish them good luck with their emigration, particularly if it will remind them of home. And if romance is in the air, congratulate them on their engagement or wedding with a practical but thoughtful present that they will both enjoy. For those that have been (hopefully!) happily married for a while, celebrate a special wedding anniversary particularly if they are throwing a big party and you’ve been invited!

And last but not least, for those who are just about to start their careers and have graduated at the end of their university degree studies, celebrate their success with a graduation gift. Whether it’s a keepsake, an alcohol based gift or a sweet reward after all their hard work, they will be thrilled by their present.