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 Gifts by Profession


At Proud To Be A…, you can search for the perfect gift by occasion, if someone is leaving or retiring, for example, or you can search by job. We aim to cover every type of profession and this takes a lot of time, as you can imagine. There’s plenty of work going on behind the scenes, so if your job category isn’t there now, it soon will be!

Along with a range of personalised gifts to which you can add a job title, we are also designing our own range of products which are being rolled out across the professions and which you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Giving someone a gift relating to their job title is perfect if they are proud of the work they do and makes a present that is different to all the rest they will receive. It’s a wonderful idea for a new graduate, particularly at the end of all their hard work at university and a great way to celebrate someone’s new job or promotion.

Why not give them a keyring or coaster, emblazoned with their job title? They may only be small gifts, but they’re very practical and sure to be appreciated. How about a notebook or a mug to brighten up their desk or office? Whatever you choose, they are sure to be thrilled that you have chosen something thoughtful.

If we currently don’t have a section for your chosen job or profession, why not let us know?