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General Manners:
  • If you’re hosting the meeting try to be the first person there – how many times have you gone to a board room or meeting room only to find it empty with the lights off and wonder if you’ve gone to the right place?
  • Plan ahead and bring refreshments if it’s likely to last over an hour. If your company doesn’t have a budget for it or dedicated catering facilities, bring a bottle of water and a packet of biscuits or if there are not too many people and time allows, make some tea and coffee.
  • Bring wary of temperatures – get there early and open a window or put a fan or air conditioning on if it’s too hot. Conversely, keep an eye out for people shivering or pulling their coats over their shoulders during the meeting too!
  • Keep your mobile phone on silent and only check it if you need to and certainly not in the middle of someone talking to you or trying to give a speech. Don’t sit there texting away!
  • Always take some paper or a notebook (link) in with you – you may not initially think you will need it, but something important or interesting may crop up that you need to remember.
  • If you have a number of people who have never met before, just introductions at the beginning of the meeting. Start with yourself and give your name, job title and any other useful pieces of information such as specialism or workplace location etc.
  • Don’t argue in the meeting – if you don’t agree with something, ask to discuss it with the other person afterwards. It will give you a little time to calm down if needed and get you thoughts together rather than saying something you may regret in front of other people and possible visitors.