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Welcome and thanks for looking at our Media Page!

Proud To Be A... is all about the world of work and we specialise in jobs that aren't normally catered for. Our future is bright and we hope it will be an interesting story to follow over the years!

Based in the North West of England, along with gifts for work colleagues we supply greeting cards that you won't find anywhere else and other products unique to us meaning we are the leaders in our field. As you can imagine, 'work' is a huge area and there is an enormous amount of... well, work going on behind the scenes on many upcoming projects and sections of our website that are sure to expand our position.

  • Think your products or service would compliment our site? Get in touch! We have a great relationship with our suppliers and are always looking to expand our range. We're keen to work with affiliates.
  • Want to write an article about us or our products? That's cool - we'd be happy to help! We have worked with bloggers before and loved the experience! Here's an example.
  • Want us to review your product for our blog? No problem - our main audience is people at work who use computers, mobile phones, stationery, etc day in, day out. They are looking for a great gift for their work colleague and have variable budgets depending on whether it's just from them or if the whole department has chipped in.They are also looking for things to help them at work, lunch or snack ideas or something to bring a bit of fun to their workplace. Our writing style is relaxed but, be warned, we aren't going to promote something blindly! We offer constructive reviews that speak the truth... in a nice way.

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